D.S. Murugan Yadav

D S Murugan Yadav is currently pursuing MA Defence and Strategic Studies at the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, University of Madras, Chennai, India. He is the recipient of the prestigious Field Marshal Manekshaw Essay Competition (FMMEC) Award on the theme National Security & Strategic Studies for the AY 2020 – 2021, awarded by the Centre for land Warfare Studies (CLAWS) & Indian Army for his research paper titled “Ensuring National Security through Island Territories: Islands as Unsinkable Aircraft Carriers”.

He worked as a Research Intern at renowned research institutions, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bengaluru, India and then at the Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), New Delhi, India. Murugan is an Associate Member at the Manohar Parrikar – Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (MP – IDSA), New Delhi.

His research specialization entails Maritime security in Asia and the role of the Indian Navy, Militarization of the Indo pacific, Geopolitics of South Asia with focus on China and Sri Lanka, Nuclear deterrence in Southern Asia and Counter Terrorism in India and areas of interest includes Cybersecurity, Hybrid Warfare, Foreign policy & diplomacy, Nuclear Security and Polemology.

For more info, Visit: www.dsmuruganyadav.com